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After a career in engineering and being a sailor/officer in the merchant marines on oil tankers, I have returned to a long time hobby, creative and artistic interest in photography. I have enjoyed all the aspects like the photographic gear and the art of photography for many years. Years ago I started with the 35mm camera and the darkroom processing and printing equipment in my native country the Netherlands.

In addition to photography, I am also a license Realtor, located and living in Glendora for the last 25 years and produced real estate photos to help sell many properties.

Being a semi retired license Realtor in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Valley I noticed the abundance (seemingly the standard), of careless photographs, the near absence of any really good sets of photographs relational to a property, and the overwhelming need for better photographic representation of properties for sale.  In other words – the need for a photographer not constrained by the typical low compensation that produces the snapshots so prevalent in most real estate photography.

I consider the combination of my background: engineering, real estate and the passion for photography ideal to have a better understanding how to better expose the homes of the clients of Realtors. I have invested in Canon cameras, lenses and lighting equipment appropriate for architectural and real estate shooting and I am motivated to provide the needed service.

I prefer to specialize in real estate and architectural photography.  These area of photography require patience, precision, attention to detail, and a problem-solving mind-set – characteristics representative of my engineering background.  I enjoy the challenge of producing a great image particularly with the high-tech digital hardware and software tools available. I find digital photography fun, challenging and rewarding.

My goal is actually very simple – to best represent you and your client who wish to sell the property.  To create images that capture the life and joy of the property by using strong attention to detail and compelling composition with little regard to the business bottom line.


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