Why should Realtors hire a Photographer

Today almost everyone uses the internet to find homes and the few, who are not, use an internet savvy Realtor©.
An article from NAR  said that 97% of the general public, who are interested in real estate are checking first the internet and all are first looking at the pictures.

And out of the 97%, about 37% become investing in real estate. That result is a lot better than the general ads, open houses and cold calling.
On the internet, as a marketing tool, only images can capture and hold attention.
Some Realtors told me that photography doesn’t sell homes, getting it priced right does.
However, once a home for sale is priced near the correct market value it has to compete with all the other properties in that location, price range and set of features.
Getting buyers to come look at a home in today’s online search market is a matter of standing out from the other hundreds of properties a home for sale is competing with. Photography is the only way to do that.
It is not surprising that strong images play a big part in marketing homes. Images are the center of marketing everything.

The National Association of Realtors said “It’s no secret that pictures help sell listings faster.
But they also add value: Homes that are marketed with superior photos taken with high-quality cameras actually sell for more than houses that are photographed with standard, point-and-shoot cameras.

Traditional Real Estate does not work as a marketing tool anymore. If you need more information, check my website http://letpicturestalk.com .

A professional real estate photographer might be your best all-around marketing teammate.